About Tyler

My name is Tyler Watt, and I’m fighting to be the next MPP for Nepean – the riding that I grew up in, and the place I call home.

For those of you that already know me, it may seem strange to hear me say this now but growing up, I was never really politically-minded. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, or who I wanted to be in the future – all I wanted to do, was to find some way to help people.

I suppose I took after my mom in that sense. She’s a palliative care nurse, and I always looked up to her. Throw in my fascination with science, and it makes sense why I chose to follow in her footsteps and become a Registered Nurse myself. Caring for someone during such a vulnerable point in their life is an incredibly special thing, and all I or any other healthcare professional can do is to try to make a critical time of their life that much easier for them.

Though I thought I would be in healthcare for most of my life, something changed in my life a few years ago. I came to the realization that I am a part of a generation that keeps being screwed over. Whenever we, as a society, take a step forward, it always seems like there’s another government waiting to bulldoze through it. Think of all the social progress we accomplished over the last decade: investments made in mental health and OHIP+, policies put in place to support the marginalized members of our community, and the reforms that were made in the education system such as a modernized health curriculum, recognizing Indigenous history, and seeing record-high graduation rates.

Then 2018 happened, and the Doug Ford government bulldozed through it all. I found myself upset at Ford and his cabinet Ministers for cutting over $1.2 billion dollars from local public health units across Ontario, $1.4 billion in cuts for mental health services, $600 million dollar cut to OSAP, and ripping up the program designed for needs-based support for families and children with autism – disproportionally affecting families living in rural areas. The Minister responsible? Lisa MacLeod. Their excuse? Reducing debt. The outcome? Ford spent $4.9 billion more than the Liberal government had planned to spend that same year. But if they’re making all of these cuts, then where is all this money going? For those that don’t yet know me, that’s what made me want to get involved in politics.

Ontario needs a government that is going to take on the issues we are facing with urgency using an evidence-based approach, making bold investments when it comes to the issues that matter most to Ontarians: health care, education, and the climate crisis. I am running for the provincial Liberal nomination in Nepean because it’s time we get true representation back to Queen’s Park. Someone who will fight for equity in this province and a better future for all of us – not someone who plays politics with people’s lives.

I believe that being an elected representative in this province should be an honour and privilege. This is a responsibility I would not take lightly. It’s time we get that change in both Nepean and across this province. I am the person who can unseat MPP Lisa MacLeod, and hold her and her government accountable for their actions. It’s going to be tough, but with your help, I know we can do it. Nepean deserves better. You can quote me on that.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Please sign up as a member, volunteer, or donate, if you can.

Tyler Watt

Nepean deserves an MPP who will fight to improve the lives of all Ontarians and address the many issues we are facing. I will be that representative for you. With your help, I know we can do better. Tyler Watt